hi my name is apple, and im a fan of rock and roll songs! i'm weird and a bummer! i love sweets, sweets are my weakness! i love photography, i love music, i love adventures!

one thing i wanna do in life is to travel around the world and grab some pictures and post it over internet so that the world could see how wonderful our world is! im a a believer of GOD and i adore HIM so much!

i love posting or reading blogs from other bloggers around the world.. :D... well, it's me! Apple D. !!! <3


my name is APPLE, and I am a BUMMER! <3




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when april is #happy, i do it crazy! #goodvibes! patanggal #stress! #stress alis!!! :)

#love is in the sun, love is in the air, Love is everywhere and free! :)


#happyfathersday papa! #iloveyou ! :)

Nunca te alejes de mi,
que no quiero morir en un mundo en el que tu no estas. Ven acércate mas que te voy a amar como nunca lo han hecho jamás.
You are the rock that holds me down… tu eres el faro que ilumina mi vida…

Happiness is secured through virtue; it is a good attained by man’s own will…

and the food goes to us! :) happy Sunday! Thanking God for the wonderful Joy and Blessings we recieved today with my papa and sister… :) have a bless sunday everyone!


我想你了可爱的宝贝!i miss this cute baby majelle!!! 😍