hi my name is apple, and im a fan of rock and roll songs! i'm weird and a bummer! i love sweets, sweets are my weakness! i love photography, i love music, i love adventures!

one thing i wanna do in life is to travel around the world and grab some pictures and post it over internet so that the world could see how wonderful our world is! im a a believer of GOD and i adore HIM so much!

i love posting or reading blogs from other bloggers around the world.. :D... well, it's me! Apple D. !!! <3


my name is APPLE, and I am a BUMMER! <3

finally! got myself a treat of #macarons! so #delicious!!! didnt know we have it here in iloilo!!! #foodholic #foodporn #foodgasm #foodaddict #instafood #vscocam #vsco #vscoph